Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Happens After The Election?

I had an interesting conversation with a stranger on an airplane about which side of the political spectrum will better handle defeat in the United States Presidential Election that is now just weeks away.

It was a deep and thoughtful discussion about the partisan extremism, "win at all cost" attitude that seems to populate the highest levels of our government. From the current administration to the Speaker of the House to the candidate's mouth pieces... our political system is often more about party than country.

I wont share the details of the discussion here (as it would be offensive to people on both sides, and I am tired of getting the emails from people chastising my blogging politics).... but it was a very interesting topic to ponder.

This week John McCain jumped to the defense of Barak Obama on a couple of occasions when audience members at his rallies went over the line in questioning the democrats character. I was proud of McCain's swift answers. I believe McCain is an honorable man.

I would like to see the candidate who loses this election be the person who takes up the cause of creating a better atmosphere in Washington DC. It would be nice to see the one who does not take the highest office do more than just offer a pleasant concession speech and then be a thorn in the side of the new administration. It would be a pleasant surprise if that person put country first and party second and rally his troops to have a more civil dialogue with the new president.

The polls are starting to show the momentum to Obama. Should this hold true in the one poll that really matters, I would recommend to McCain that he build his legacy for the next four to eight years by working to create a fresh new (and real) atmosphere of bi-partisanship in the halls of government.

The same goes for Mr. Obama. Should he return to his Senate seat, it would be wonderful if he set an example for his other elected officials and helped the new president succeed.

That is what this country needs at this time in history. We don't just need a leader in the White House, we need a leaders in the opposite party who will stand up to the B.S. inside their own party and publicly work as a team to solve the problems facing all Americans.

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JF said...

All of the "happy talk" aside, we are all in a heap of trouble since neither candidate offers the real solution. One is simply the worse choice, especially if you care about security and safety.