Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wellness Quest Continues

Ten days ago I wrote about my re-born attention to wellness. Four years ago I had lost 30 pounds, but over ten had returned and I know first hand that the only way I can combat my weight issues is to have a dedication to my personal will power and focus. Overall wellness has to be my goal.

While I did hit the candy bowl at the office (curse those M&M's), and have not really focused on my cholesterol when making food choices, I have made some progress.

I have tried to cut down on the size of my portions at meals. I actually ate only half my burrito while sitting in the airport (no other food seemed appealing, but I stopped at half the burrito, so that is saying something!). Whoa.... don't judge me...., I had to eat something besides the Southwest Airlines peanuts!!!

Additionally I made it to the gym three times this week. I went on Monday at lunchtime when my scheduled appointment canceled at the last minute. Thursday I was traveling to Phoenix to give a speech and I got up at 5:30 AM to hit the hotel gym (I was VERY proud of myself for this one!). And today I had a great work out, followed by Cedar Plank Salmon for dinner (oh yes, this boy can cook. Sure, my wife is a cookbook author, but I am no slouch with meal prep).

I lost two pounds in the last 10 days. That is a good start. Eight more to go. The trick now is to shut out the candy jar at the office (Yes, I realize it is Halloween Week) and to continue my attention to my meal choices and portions. Getting the exercise is paramount, and I am so busy I am not sure when I will get it all in... but it is the key to my wellness efforts.

Oh, sleep is also important. I get an "F" on that this week, as my traveling to give a speech coupled with all my other responsibilities kept me from snoozing the desired numbers of hours.

Alas, the wellness quest continues.

Have A Great Day.


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Pete Monfre said...

Great post, Thom. I just started physical therapy for a chronic back injury last week. I'm with you. Without good health and deliberate management of wellness, goals won't be reachable. Plus, I have this new publisher who is a slave driver. ;)