Monday, October 20, 2008

Meetings Are Still Expensive

Someone needs to tell the hotel industry that there is a recession.

Years ago you could always get the hotel's to waive the room rental fee for the ball room if you were hosting enough people for your meeting. They made their money on the food and beverage.

Then came the crazy boom-boom days, and the fees and service charges grew to giant levels. Breakfast meetings can now run as high as $20 per person for a Continental Breakfast... not even hot food!

I am currently trying to find a location to host and educational seminar, and am shocked at the costs being charged by the local hotels. They seem to have no availability and want a $500 room rental fee on top of the charges for the meal. Wowwy. I am just having about 40 people for a breakfast meeting.

One would think that the fancy Hotel Management folks would watch the economic forecasts and be looking to work with potential clients. Meanwhile, I am searching out unique venues in Austin, Texas to host my company's educational seminars into the future. Any suggestions? Hotel ballrooms are yesterday's news, anyway!

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