Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More On Positive Energy - Carry A Patch Kit

My last post stirred up some interesting conversations with people in the last few days. It seems that it is common for people to feel overwhelmed, stressed out and blah. Everyone has a longing to have
that inner spark that gets them going and many friends who read this blog commented on felling the need to re-energize their "Chi".

I was touched by how many people seem interested in finding that inner power that can help them strive to accomplish their goals. Folks want to be zoomed up about their life...but just do not feel they are currently living at that level. Even people who from the outside seem to be on fire, don't always have it going on inside.

Some call this power God / religion, others "Chi", life force, or flow... and there are those who have no name for it at all, but they know "it" is out there.

Personally I have been aware of connecting with my own energy ever since I wrote the post on Sunday. It is interesting to me that when one focuses on personal energy, you realize that you do have control. I have witnessed many people in the last few days who allow circumstances to derail them. They just crater when things do not go their way. Emotions fly and nobody wins. Meanwhile others are confident in themselves and respond, not react, to those unexpected bumps in the road.

Yesterday someone I know mentioned that she enjoys what she does for a living and that makes dealing with the unpleasant parts of her career manageable. Her love of what she does keeps her going. I thought a lot about what she said, and I agree. I also like where I work and the people around me... and this makes me want to make an impact and keeps my head in the game.

I see how people who feel misaligned can just let all their personal power be drained from them without even knowing it. Like a slow leak in a tire, eventually all the air goes away. FLAT.

For a cyclist on a bike can't ride very far on a flat, thus you need to carry a patch kit and pump with you at all times, or risk sitting on the side of the road all alone.

Hmmmmm, I like that analogy.

Think about your life. What (or whom) can help you get back on your bike? Identify your "patch kit" before you need it, and keep it nearby. Be thoughtful of how to stay positive and keep your energy fine tuned on success. Be "Chi".

Have A Great Day.


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