Monday, July 28, 2008

The Treasury of Human Intelligence

I have been thinking much about how knowing creative and interesting people can help one solve any difficulty. Alone we can be stagnant, but when you network with a diverse group of individuals... combined intelligence will create new opportunites for all.

Throughout history man has been plagued with challenges. Individuals and societies have repetitively conquered and thrived despite overwhelming obstacles. Recessions, depressions, World Wars, plagues, personal setbacks, weather catastrophes and other mishaps have always been part of the human condition.

Yet even when man triumphs, the next day someone somewhere if fraught with self-doubt, disaster, and peril of their own. We do not always learn from others, and bad things still can happen randomly. However when we do connect with others who can assist us in removing setbacks, the results are often atmospheric in nature.

When we bond with others and share ideas, we combine their knowledge, skill and creativity with our own - we can create amazing opportunities to achieve.

This "Treasury of Human Intelligence" is open and available to everyone if we just show up to make deposits and withdrawals. There is no interest due, and the terms are simple: share with others, and be open to taking what they have to offer you in return. Sometimes the exchange is equal, often they will prosper from your transaction, and then there are the times when you will shine in the sunlight of the interchange.

The point is that you have to show up at "The Treasury of Human Intelligence" with a motivation of mutually beneficial success for all. Selfish hearts are not welcome for long, and will be expelled.

I am excited when I find others who can openly discuss challenges. Those who do not hide behind facades and ego have a way of sharing perspectives that can bind with my own to show me new directions and paths toward success. I love it when I can be the person who helps another brainstorm and germinate an idea that gets them excited.

I have seen projects where people do not share their input for fear of being viewed as silly or stupid. This is a shame, as their words could have inspired the group toward new heights. Many rock solid success stories come from when those possible silly ideas get meshed together with the mind candy of another to become a viable new concept. Exchanges in the Treasury of Human Intelligence is where you discover the seeds that grow into the masterpiece of life you long to create.

Look around you, there are people everywhere who are longing to join you in this exchange at the Treasury of Human Intelligence. Reach out to others and let them know you are here to cultivate ideas together expand each others possibilities.

One person can think his own thoughts, but two or more can have a synergy that can instantly change everything.

Pick a restaurant or coffee house near your office and plan to meet there every Friday for breakfast or lunch. Let others know that it is the meeting of your local chapter of the Treasury of Human Intelligence. Together with those who show up you can share your thoughts and find links to others who will also want to excel. Who knows what could happen. When your network realizes what you can offer, the right people will appear to provide you with their intellect and together all will soar.

Have A Great Day.


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