Sunday, June 29, 2008

Create Your Own Positive Energy

While watching my daughter go through her blackbelt testing I was amazed by the positive energy that was created. The Master began the session by stating that the Chi, the life force, the flow of energy that he puts into their training was absent from the room, and that the blackbelt candidates would have to create this themselves. They would need to reach deep inside their souls, encourage each other and work together to make it through the four to five hour exam.

It was hard for the students in the beginning, as their exam was grueling... but as the time went by, they all seemed to gain more strength, not less as they worked out at a very demanding level hour after hour. They created the Chi and it helped them all succeed.

Even when we are not being put to the test for a major life accomplishment, like a blackbelt in the martial arts, we should still want to have this kind of energy in our life. We have all experienced people whom have the ability to "suck the life" out of a group, and we also know people who energize all those they encounter. Thus, I hope you do not dismiss this post as some sort of touchy-feely pontification, but instead look at how personal positive energy can impact all you do.

Surrounding ourselves with positive people who share our goals makes everyday much more exciting. In a company, if people just show up and go through the motions, it can make days long and painful. But when we are all in sync and looking to succeed, everyone has more fun, and more success follows.

Hoping for personal positive energy will not make it happen. You must seek out ways to attract and create your own Chi.

Eight Ideas To Help Find Personal Energy:

1. Be Focused / Visualize Success

Know why you get out of bed each day. Have a plan for how you intend to reach your goals, and do not allow the "buzz" of distractions to knock you off course. See in your mind what success looks like and when you get knocked down, get back up and back on course. Nothing can give you power like a clear and focused plan to achieve.

2. Surround Yourself With Great People

Human beings are social creatures. We long to connect and interact with other people and instinctively react to each other. If you surround yourself with those who emit positive energy, you will find that you become re-charged. The converse is also true, those who are in a negative place all the time will bring you down. Seek out people whom find the positive in others, not those who gossip or degrade. Be part of a team that has goals and celebrates the accomplishments of everyone. Your energy is a mirror of those closest to you.

3. Avoid Worry

Bad things do sometimes happen. Yep. But do not spend your time engulfed in worry about what COULD go wrong. Be cautious and do not take ridiculous risks (some risk is good) that will cause problems, and then go on about your life. If something bad does happen, you will need to deal with it at that moment, but never allow you mind to wander and waste your time on things that will most likely never occur. Worrying will deplete your energy.

4. Physical Activity

Be engaged in some form of regular physical activity. This not only allows you to condition your body and build stamina, but it also helps your mind stay focused. Conditioning your muscles helps you create more energy. Ever hear the expression "the more you do, the more you can do"? It is true.

5. Know What Others Expect From You

When you work closely with others it does not make you a mind reader. People all have expectations of others, but if these are not clearly stated and understood, then problems will arise. Take the time to ask the people in your life what they expect from you so that your actions are leading you toward success. Mis-directed efforts send your energy into the sewer.

6. Be Grateful

All opportunities come from people. Nobody achieves much alone on an island, but sometimes individuals forget that their success comes from working together with other people. We need to take the time to be grateful for our achievements and the assistance of those people in our life who helped contribute. Take the time to not only say thank you to people, but also to contemplate all the good that surrounds you. Positive energy seems to be drawn to those who are grateful. I have found the more I acknowledge my thankfulness into the universe, the more good things happen.

7. Serve Others

There are few things as energizing as making a difference in the life of another person. Find ways to put your own needs and desires aside from time to time and do for others. Have what many call a "servant's heart" and be a force for good in the lives of your family, friends, co-workers, and strangers. Those people whom I know who do for others are the ones who have the highest level of contentment in their lives. Money and material things aside, there is a richness in the personal energy that comes from doing something good.

8. Enjoy Everything

Everything in the world is made up of the positive energy we seek. If you just take a minute to enjoy the beauty in all around you, a discovery of life's force energy is eminent. We get distracted by deadlines, responsibilities, misunderstandings, and all the standard BS that clouds our minds. But even in the negative things there is a lesson to be learned, and a silver lining. Look for the positive energy that is sometimes masked. Find joy in everything you do. You choose how you react to all you encounter, so stop blaming others, and begin to live within the flow of Chi.

Have A Great Day



Ian Stone said...

Great advice we all have a mind and it is a creative force.

With Love
Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
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Steve Harper said...

Outstanding post as always my friend!

Ripple On!!!

Michelle Greer said...

The whole wellness factor behind business gets left by the wayside WAY too much. People talk about being transparent in marketing, but it's a lot easier to be transparent when you are healthy and doing things to serve that make you and others happy. I'm not sure why this is neglected so much, but thanks for bringing it up.

Paris said...

I hope she gets her black belt.

inspirationcynic said...

Number 8 is ridiculous. If my dog dies, I'm not going to find joy in it. Mourning and sadness are a valuable part of life. Take pleasure in what you've learned from a struggle, sure. But take pleasure in the struggle?

Balaji said...

Very good thoughts. Thanks for sharing! God bless you.