Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Take A Morning Vacation

I love the solitude of the early morning. While on vacation I always wake before my family (not with an alarm, just because I am an early riser). I take this time to explore the area, catch up on emails, read a book, or just sit in a cafe and observe life going past me. There is a peaceful feeling to have that time to decompress and prepare for the coming day.

Even at home, a half hour sipping a latte before going to the office while reading the paper gives me the downtime needed to collect my thoughts and gain focus.

I think everyone should schedule themselves a morning vacation every chance they get. Just thirty minutes (an hour is you can), where you do something you enjoy. Sit still or go for a run. Read or write. Pray or think. Just avoid the computer, IPod or television. Make this short excursioin all about connecting with yourself. This is soul time.

I am not sure that morning works for everyone, I know a lot of people who can never seem to motivate to get out of bed and there inner-self stays asleep until noon. So you do not need to take my "morning vacation" literally, a 3 PM or 9 PM getaway I am sure would work just as well. I just like the morning.

Once you get into the habit of your morning vacation, you will find it to be an important part of your day. While I cannot do it everyday, as I have a lot of other responsibilities (taking the kids to school, work-related breakfasts, etc....), I do cherish the mornings when that time is available and I make it a priority. Without it I could never accomplish all that I do.

Think about your daily schedule. Do you have personal time built into your routine? If not you are cheating yourself (and everyone around you) from performing at your peak.

Have a great day.


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