Thursday, July 17, 2008

Get Lost and Found By Following Others

It is good to be a leader, but an important quality of a successful leader is to also know when to follow.

Sometimes those who lead in business forget that they are not always in the same position of control in all areas of life. When you are part of any group, there comes a time when you need to "go with the flow" or put others wants, needs and desires ahead of your own.

You do not always have to call all the shots!

I have encountered people who bully their way through all the relationships in their life. They bark orders at all and assume people will jump at their every whim. These people drain the fun out of most situations and alienate as a hobby. The sad part is they often do not know what they are doing.

I have discovered that when I go along with others is when I grow and expand. Instead of taking charge all the time and having to make every decision, I let those around me lead me into new types of situations. If you always cover every selection you live in a monotone world.

While on vacation in Venice, Italy with my family, my young daughters were constantly being taken along to museums, restaurants and other tourist spots. They had their own ideas about what shops to pop into or when to get gelato. We allowed them to do these things (the rule in Italy is "Gelato Everyday, Sometimes TWICE!).

We even invented the "Get Lost Game", where individually with each kid I would allow them to wander the streets of Venice for one hour while I followed. I gave no direction and they could go any which way through the narrow and maze-like streets. It was a wonderful adventure to see them make choices at each bridge, canal, corner and passageway. They felt empowered and together we had a great adventure. At the end of the time, it was up to dad to find the way back to the hotel!

When you follow others you can discover books, movies, restaurants, music, theatre, vacation spots, friends, and many other type of experiences that can be life changing. You never know when something simple will expose you to an internal "WOW".

If you think you are always right, you are most likely mistaken. Take some time to just run with the energy of those people who share in your life, and see where their direction leads you. Get lost from you daily routine and explore new. New experiences await. At the end of the journey you can always find your way back (if you want to!).

Have A Great Day.


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Andrew Weaver said...

Very well said.

I've often had some of my best experiences in life when I sat back and allowed others to show me the way. One of the best ways to learn new things or gain important knowledge is to sit back and observe others in action.

You don't always have to be the one in control, and probably shouldn't be.