Saturday, July 19, 2008

Images of Venice

I enjoyed my week in Venice, Italy. It has become my favorite city to visit on the planet. Before going I was cautioned by others that the city was over-crowded with tourists, expensive, dirty, and smelly. However, I learned that an experience is only in the heart of the person who lived the experience. One can never know how they will react to something until they have walked their own path.

Never again will I believe another's negative review of travel. One person's oyster is another's pearl. We were told that three or four days was enough, and we found seven too few. We did all the tourist things (yes, the high price of a gondola ride is worth it!!!), but we most enjoyed the places that were off the beaten path, and asked our hotel for restaurants that were only for Venicians. Alas, we ate like royalty.

Yes, Venice is expensive. Sure, there are a lot of tourists. I did not think it was dirty or smelly, other than the scents of the amazing food from all the wonderful restaurants. If you ever have the chance to go there..... do it.

Below are some of my photos that I hope you enjoy.


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Aruni said...

Great pictures Thom! We spend a day in Venice on our honeymoon. It is a beautiful city.

If you haven't been to Cost Rica, that was probably my favorite place to visit...but we went there pre-kids. :-)