Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blogging Dirty Tricks

I know this will get me in trouble, but I am posting it anyway!

Friday I got the following email:

Currently, we have your site Some Assembly Required, listed on our blogroll at

We are going to delete those links on the blogroll that do not have a reciprocal link for us.

Please put a link to us and let us know so we can keep you in front of our readership!!!

Thank You!

Yikes. I do not know these people and I NEVER get traffic to my blog from them. I have always hated the concept of maditory link backs on blogrolls. I list many great blogs in my blog roll, but never do I want those writers to feel obligated to link to me. Sure, I love links as much as the next blogger....but this made me so mad that I blogged from my vacation.

It makes if fake if you demand the other to link to you...and if you threatten to delete them, is that not like payolla of some kind? It is just icky.

Have a great day.



williamu said...

I'm surprised they didn't ask you for "protection" money. Audacity, sheer audactiy.

Peggy McKee said...

Thom - ok, I want to admit to my lack of intelligence on the above referenced email. I can only say that my mind was fried when I jotted out the note for Jamie to send out.... I was in the wrong to request mandatory links. And I am really sorry to have instigated an incident that would cause you to miss a minute of your vacation. I like your blog and that is why I blogrolled it....I will keep it there (unless you want me to remove it because the association is painful). Please go back to your vacation and I will think a bit more about my bad blog manners.
(Really, I do apologize).
Thank you,
Peggy McKee