Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Mini Self Pep Talk

When you are trying to improve, you can't sit still. Success never grows on a rock, instead you need to find ways to keep yourself motivated and moving toward your goals.

This involves giving yourself an occasional "pep talk". I don't have many days when I want to pull the covers over my head and not get out of bed, but they do happen. The trick that I have adopted that keeps me going everyday is the "wake up thought". I wrote about this in January 2007, and utilize the focusing of my brain on the positive aspects of the day before my feet hit the ground.

As soon as I wake up I concentrate on how fortunate I am to have a great family, to have a job that challenges me, to have the chance to write books and speak to business audiences around the country (I woke up in Denver today after speaking last night)...I remind myself that the day ahead will be outstanding. I imagine the opportunities that I will have to experience a great day.

This mini pep talk is all I need to jump up and start my day.

Try this yourself for one week. Begin your day by looking at what will make it awesome. God knows, there is enough negativity in the world to drag down an elephant .... but if you look for the fantastic, then you will find it every time.

Have A Great Day.


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