Thursday, May 01, 2008

Austin Chamber of Commerce Social Media Panel

Last night I was the moderator of an Austin Chamber of Commerce panel discussion about social media and today's new marketing tools. Many business professionals are confused by what is happening in the online world, and the chamber brought together some local experts to help discuss the topic and shine some light on where a company can begin to build online conversations with customers, prospects and others.

The panel was made up of four local executives from top companies that assist clients in understanding and utilizing this brave new world:

Rob Solomon -Bulldog Solutions

Tim Hayden - GamePlan Marketing

Bill Leake - Apogee Search

Paul Walker - GCI Group

Together they shed light on this complicated and ever changing topic. The small business audience was engaged and many stayed afterwards for over 30 minutes asking individual questions of the experts.

I used my new Flip Video Cam to capture a few snippets of the speakers (sorry Tim, I did not get any of your wisdom on camera). Very new world to have a panel on social media where the moderator was capturing the speakers on video for instant use on the blogosphere. Just a few years that was not even possible, now it is the standard.

Blogs, video, Twitter, SEO, Webinars, Interactive media, Online Reputation Management, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and other topics were explored and the experts got the audience thinking about the new realities of the online world.

Have A Great Day.


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Paul Walker said...

Thanks, Thom. Great job.