Friday, May 16, 2008

Creative Conversations

Creative conversations with clients and prospects is what companies strive to accomplish, and yet often fall short. Interactive word of mouth opportunities are changing how businesses position themselves and allow marketing to become a two way dialog.

Experiencing real conversations with other human beings is what everyone desires. In a world that can seem disconnected at times (can you ever find a real person when you call a company? Press 3 to get another recorded message), we are really becoming more connected than ever before. The days of having advertising pushed out to the masses is long gone. We now must find ways to interact with all whom we do business. Avoiding discussions is the fast track to losing customers.

What are you doing to promote creative conversations? Do you simple sell and service your customers or do you facilitate creative conversations that build bonds. Anything? Too many just go through the motions everyday, leaving openings for competitors to begin speaking with their clients. Remember, if they are talking with you, they cannot be simultaneously taking with anyone else.

We all deserve more than just "blah" from the companies we do business. You customers are waiting to hear from you. They want to have a dialog.

Have A Great Day.



Mongezi Mtati said...

We currently create conversation about ourselves based on the service we offer and advice we give our prospects.

We've come to realize that in out case we'd rather have a knowledgable client than volumes we don't have a relationship with.

Zita Gustin said...

Hi Thom,

I set up a NING site for my customers who are part of my network. By doing this, I am able to stay in contact with them and see what they are thinking, feeling, wanting, and needing. This also gives them the ability to talk with each other and build relationships and support with and for each other. It's a very powerful and engaging tool and creates a sense of community.

Many businesses still operated from the Web 1.0 strategy of putting up information about their companies and calling that a conversation. Telling people who you are isn't going to gain you as much leverage as if you let them tell YOU who they are. Therein lies the power of communication!