Friday, May 16, 2008

More Miles, Less Cancer - The Jessin Family's International Adventure

**** I learned recently that Liam Jessin passed away on March 30, 2012.  The below article was written in May 2008.  I was sad to hear of his passing.  His family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Three years ago a small boy named Liam Jessin was in the hospital being treated for Leukemia. While tucked into his bed he whispered to his parents, "I wish there was no cancer; I wish I could travel, too".

His parents replied, "One day, son, we will show you the world. And one day there will be no cancer!"

Liam is now eight years old and has been out of treatment for two years. His parents are keeping their promise to their young son, and this month Mom (Lydie), Dad (Stephan), Liam, and his three brothers will embark on a three year trip around the world in a motor home.

They will cover 85,000 miles and visit 60 countries in an effort to see the world and raise money for cancer research. They have sold their house, cars, and many other possessions and in two weeks they will leave Austin, Texas on a journey like no other.

Their plans and the of the map of their route are on their website at

Besides being a family adventure, they hope to raise money for the “International Union Against Cancer".

These are amazing people. Liam's mom, Lydie, was my daughter's pre-school teacher, and Liam's little brother, Julian, was in her kindergarten class. I can't help but be envious of these four boys who will have the most unique childhood of anyone they will ever meet as they go through life.

While the family is self-funding this trip, they are accepting sponsors to help get them through the whole three years. For $50 you can sign up for their quarterly newsletter that will update you on their progress as they navigate this little blue marble known as Earth.

If you read this story and are half as inspired as I am by Stephan, Lydie, Jeremy, Axel, Liam and Julian, please share their story with a friend.

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Anonymous said...

I knew Axel and Jeremy when they were going to my school, before they left for their amazing journey. To me, they were just cool kids. But now, they're even more inspiring.