Sunday, July 30, 2006


WestBound. Just the sound of it rings with the exciting buzz of entrepreneurship.

WestBound is the newest lifestyle guide for Austin and the surrounding Texas Hill Country, recently released by West Sky Publishing. Even the cover photo, a wake-boarder jumping over the waters of Lake Travis, screams of adventure.

But this is no regular magazine. It is a dream come true for publishers Sherril Scott and Rosa Herrera Flanders. These two Austin women had no magazine experience. They had never written, photographed, edited, sold advertising, or overseen graphic design. They simply had a dream of a publication that would highlight the things they love about Central Texas.

Many advertisers saw the glimmer in their eyes, and took a chance on the magazine. Other experts admired their enthusiasm and offered advice: Photographers, writers, designers, sales and marketing professionals and others were all encouraging them as they charged ahead with their debut issue.

This was a labor of love. It was two inexperienced publishers who never listened to the nay-sayers who told asked, "who are you to create a magazine?". Instead they did what achievers do....they just did it.

The unique size and shape of the magazine coupled with the outstanding photos and expertly written words have come together in one amazing product. Available for free at a variety of businesses in Austin and the surrounding countryside, Westbound is a must read.

More information is available at (512) 924-6089.

Congratulations to Sherril and Rosa on their first edition. All of Texas looks forward to your future editions.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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