Friday, July 14, 2006

To The Top!

Many business professionals have great intentions for their success. Most launch their careers imagining that they will be in the top ten percent of their industry. But I have news for you....only ten percent can get there!

So what happens to the rest?

All sorts of things happen to the rest. They scheme, they dream. Then they stand in the hall and talk with co-workers, predicting the demise of their competition. Next they stare out the window and imagine their future victories. Maybe they make a few calls or attend a networking event (and then congratulate themselves for "doing" business development).

What they fail to do is to create a real plan. They do not give enough emphasis to strategy. They look for short-cuts. Little or no action is taken.

Think about this for a minute. Of everyone in your industry, only ten percent can reach the top 10%. Hmmmm, sounds simple enough.

But that means that 90% are somewhere below. Is that you? OUCH.

Professionals have no idea what it takes to be a true "Peak Performer" (it is not taught in school). They think it means being a good technician,...knowing their craft. Lawyers, bankers, accountants, etc.... all mistake being successful with having skills. If that were true, why would so many succeed who do not have the best industry knowledge?

Reaching the top is more complicated. Achieving real success involves having more than a good product, but also: sales, marketing, public relations, customer service, image, brand, competitive advantages, advertising, networking, business development, research and development, communication, financial responsibility, risk-taking, and wrapping it all up in an executable strategic plan.

But Thom, that sounds difficult! Can't I just do my work and dream about market domination?


There is a reason that successful corporations have multiple departments with highly paid executives who run the necessary business functions. If you work for a smaller business, then as the executive you must wear all these hats. To ignore any area because it is hard or out of your comfort zone will not put you in the top tier. Your choice.

Time to get busy!

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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