Saturday, July 01, 2006

Star Jones Not Headed For The Poor House

With all of the publicity this week I have to admit that I have never once seen an episode of "The View". Apparently I am missing out on some cultural phenomena that is much bigger than I could have imagined.

I do know that eight years ago Barbara Walters and a bunch of unknown women launched this mid-morning talk show...which must be quite informative and entertaining.

That being said, is the show so popular that the departure of one of it's co-stars, Star Jones(the once fat attorney - turned Hollywood-chic-bridezilla), warrants this much attention? I would think not.

And yet the news channels (both entertainment news and traditional news) have been buzzing with the apparent firing of the star, Star. Rosie O'Donnell (comedian, actress, activist) will replace Ms. Jones later this summer. Apparently the recipe for success of The View calls for a chubby woman in that chair.

CNN, Fox, and all the networks have covered the story in depth. Larry King Live dedicated an hour to the topic.

The most entertaining part of the whole spectacle is the photo montage of Star Jones. She has lost so much weight that she looks like four different people when they show old clips from "The View".

The controversy circles around the massive weight loss and the techniques used to gain Star's new, svelte body. Was it exercise and diet or a major medical procedure? Does she owe it to the public to fess up to having gastro-by pass surgery?

And now the real question..... WHO CARES?????

The woman's contract was not renewed so that the show could go a different direction.

News Flash....this could happen to anyone tomorrow. Any employee can be fired, laid-off or otherwise separated from their job with little notice. I was laid off three times in eight years (due to the downturn in the economy)....Larry King never called once.

Being out of work can be a scary thing for a regular person. But Ms. Jones is not a normal person. Regular people have to go out and get a new job or launch their own company. Not easy, but it happen every single day. Regular people do not have agents and PR firms getting them interviews with People Magazine. Let's not confuse Star Jones with someone working at General Motors.

Star Jones is celebrity and so it is big news. But millions of Americans have lost their jobs over the past decade. Why is it that we are giving so much sympathy to this woman? Star Jones is not about to go hungry (especially since she had her stomach stapled!). She makes BIG money, and will have multi-million dollar contract coming in from every other media company (besides of ABC) within a month.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer


Anonymous said...

your comment about "the once fat attorney turned Hollywoood-chic-bridzilla" made me laugh.

You are right, it is over done, but I am here on my computer searching for celeb stories and reading what does that say about society? (or me?)

Steve Harper said...

I believe we are giving her so much attention so she doesn't seek us out and eat us!

Jason said...

White and Black. This is not a story of a person as appose to color. Yes, it is true that she was fat, however, she has made her own way. Success is the only thing on her mind. I find it hard to believe that someone white cold be in the same situation and not get this "bad press"
I must say that she was hollywood before the view. The view only made her a stronger person as appose to what the media focus on which is her style, health, weight. She's made her way and that didn't come from Barbara Walters.
Remember she came with presence and the ability to speak and"hold her own"

Jason said...
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