Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cupcakes For Everyone

In keeping with the all pastry weekend (yesterday was a donut quote)....I have now discovered that there are blogs that focus on just about every topic under the sun. I ran upon a blog that is all about cupcakes, Cupcakes Take The Cake (It is all cupcakes, all the time!!!)

Now I have seen a lot of blogs on niche topics....however these three women do an amazing job of regularly posting cupcake photos, recipes, and trivia. My favorite is the photo of the $50 handcrafted cupcake that is wearing felt rather than a paper wrapping.

It is my belief that they are probably the internet's leading experts on all miniature cakes. If one needs information on cupcakes, not this site!!!

Just looking at this blog makes me very hungry for cake. Sadly, since I lost 30 pounds last year I have had to limit my cupcake intake. But if you like such things as cupcakes or really niched blogs, check it out!!! It is just more proof that if you are excited about can make a business, a book, a blog, etc... from that passion. Go for it!!!

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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