Monday, July 03, 2006

Snakes On Your Network

It is just a fact that sometimes you will encounter "snakes". Not the slithering kind that Samuel L. Jackson will soon be fighting at 20,000 feet in the upcoming overly-hyped film "Snakes On A Plane" (Yes, I think the title sums up the whole plot).....but rather those people who are just icky.

If you are actively meeting people and building a professional network of contacts, occasionally you will welcome into your life those who do not have honorable intentions:

Some are "takers". These are selfish individuals who are networking only for their own benefit and they do not give a damn about you or your success. They "play the game" to get in your good graces, but never once think about anyone but themselves. It is disappointing when you discover the truth, as you have usually invested a lot of time providing them assistance when you realize they will never return the favor.

Others are "back-stabbers". Sadly you will build relationships in your lifetime with people who will openly point out your flaws to others in the business community. They love to gossip and expose your shortcomings. They think that by tearing down the success of other people they will elevate themselves. Usually it is just the opposite, as those who are successful see right through their blabbering. Unfortunately, they will also sometimes tarnish your reputation.

Finally there are the the "Klingons". Not the kind from Star Trek, but rather people who attach themselves to you and your network, and go along for the ride (they "cling-on"). Their intentions are good, and they would love to help you if they could, but they do not have any connections of their own. They provide no value to those around them, yet they are very nice. In most cases they cause no harm, but sometimes these people are very high maintenance friends who take up a lot your your time and attention.

Much like the passengers on the ill-fated "Snakes on a Plane" will learn, snakes can hide anywhere and everywhere.

On a side note, this "Snakes On A Plane" seems to have created more buzz than any other summer movie.....and you now see people lampooning the otherwise horrible looking movie in all kinds of ways. See Snakes On A Blog for a good laugh and the journey of one man's quest to get a free ticket to the Hollywood movie premier!!!

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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