Thursday, July 27, 2006

Prison Break

"Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds" -- Franklin D. Roosevelt

In the search to expand the reach of my career (and to promote my book and professional speaking) I have had the honor of talking with some very successful individuals. I am repetitively surprised at how those with real success are the same people willing to lend a helping hand. Accomplished and secure in their own success, they are never jealous or petty. They enjoy seeing others excel. Selfless.

These people have allowed me see that I can accomplish much more that I had thought.

Those whom I have come to admire most do not see a world of limitations. Instead they have either been born with an unlimited view of opportunities or they have broken free of the conventional shackles that hold so many of us captive.

I have lived in such a prison. I did not know it, but I believed I had boundaries.

I have recently been taught that those who rise to the top in their careers,.... Financially, spiritually, and emotionally do not think small. These people who make up the top 1% of their fields are constantly creating opportunities where others saw none. They THINK BIG.

The hard part is to plan your "prison break" from mediocrity. Everyone around you is a guard, keeping you from freedom. They often do not even know that they are holding you back. To escape you must be like the cunning lead character, Michael Scofield, on the Fox Network show, Prison Break.

Scofield knows what is going on around him. He knows who he can trust, and whom he cannot. He has surveyed the grounds and has studied the schedules of the population around him. His alliances with the other characters help him supplement his own shortcomings. And most importantly, he believes that he can escape from the maximum security prison where he is being held captive. The walls wont stop him....the guards can't catch him.....and the other prisoners will not hold him back.

I am planning my own prison break from mediocrity. Wish me luck.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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Anonymous said...

As a fugitive from there some Federal Bureau of Average (the FBA) that will be tracking you down and trying to make you go back in your cell and be a good little citizen without giant dreams and goals???