Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Blog Goes International

Apparently a website in the Netherlands quoted my blog and linked to my site, as I have gotten dozens of hits from there....However I cannot read what is said in the post:

"Thom Singer weet het, aan netwerken heeft iedereen een hekel. Want u kent toch al genoeg mensen om zaken mee te doen? Niet dus.....,"
For all I know they say I am a stupid idiot (would not be the first time someone said that in a foreign language!!!....or even in English!!!).

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Michelle Golden said...

Hey, congrats, Thom! That is awesome.

FYI, there is a resources I found when I was picked up in Dutch and was dying to learn what they said... the link to that is in my Dec 8 post entitled "Picked Up in Dutch" (posting the link for you as my "web page")

you should be able to go there and at least get the gist of what was written...

Helena said...

Translation (sorry for the crappy English): "Thom Singer knows: everybody hates networking. You already know enough people to do business with, don't you? You don't.
* If you do not show up in meetings, you're economically dead. Out of sight, out of mind.
* Show genuine interest in somebody. Don't start about a rebate, deals are made after the first introduction. Don't forget to ask a business card. Make notes on it when you're home.
* Follow-up. Send a personal letter or e-mail to the people you expect to do business with."

Sprout is a Dutch magazine for startup entrepreneurs. I hope this helps.

Thom Singer said...

Thank you Helena for the translation from Dutch. I love that SPROUT quoted me.

I feel like David Hasselhoff (not so cool in the USA....but huge in Europe!!!)


Ruben Timmerman said...

For what it's worth:

1. David Hasselhoff is not that popular in Europe, he just has a super career as a singer in Germany (don't ask me why).

2. You get quoted on Dutch blogs more often then you think, I think. (like here in November on mine:

Stijn Simkens ( said...

Hi Thom,

better late than never. I saw that you have noticed us quoting you. As Helena has already said I am not calling you an idiot. (calling you David Hasselhoff would be even more of an insult though). I thought that some of your advice on networking was valuable for our readers. Thanks for the input! is indeed a business magazine for Dutch entrepreneurs. Not just for start-ups but also (fast-)growing companies. Any American entrepreneur wanting to start a business in/export to the Netherlands should definitely have a look at our website (use the translation website though!)