Monday, April 17, 2006

The ABC's of Networking: G is for Game Plan

I have found that too many business professionals execute on their networking, marketing, business development, PR, and branding without having a game plan. While there is always a time for "ready, fire, aim"...that is not the best manner in which to regularly operate (just ask Dick Cheney!!)

If you want to achieve results, you have to know what success looks like. You cannot measure the outcome if you do not know in advance what you are trying to accomplish. This requires taking the time to create a plan and then reverse engineer the steps involved in getting you there.

I had the good fortune of meeting the CEO of the country's leading "Experiential Marketing" firms. (If you do not know the term "experiential marketing", you will soon!!!). Tim Hayden of GamePlan Marketing understands the importance of knowing what success looks like for his clients. As the name of his firm suggests, it is all about knowing in advance what actions a company or individual needs to take to get noticed over all the "noise" in the marketplace.

From their website:

GamePlan Marketing & Events is an experiential marketing agency that
creates and executes strategies where brands achieve positive, measurable
results through integrated marketing practices and events. Respecting the unique
challenges set before each of our clients, we build winning campaigns and events
that generate demand, gain exposure and create awareness.

Tim and his team will not work with clients who do not clearly know what they are trying to accomplish. While many companies create events, parties and other "over the top" experiences, most do not understand who they are trying to reach, whom are their clients and prospects, and what constitutes successful marketing. This can leave them with big expenses and little tangible results.

Does your company know how to define success? Do you? Do you have a game plan to lead you toward a dominant position in your industry?

If not, then remember: G is for Game Plan. Get one!

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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