Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The ABC's of Networking: D is for Determination

To create a strong network of professional contacts that can and will refer real business, you must have determination. To build true connections takes time and effort. If you think that a networking just happens, you will be instore lack luster results.

The commitment to making, growing and keeping business relationships takes dedication. It is not something that you can only do on those "slow days". Networking is not for part-time.

I recently met a woman who was impressed that I had developed a strong network. She questioned why I still attended networking events after ten years of building contacts. When I told her that I had not even begun to scratch the surface of building a successful network of professional connections, she was shocked. She thought that once you had built a "brand" you could slow down and stop with basic networking activities.

Nope, you never get to stop. Out of sight is out of mind. Networking is never ending. I have seen many people get burned out and fade away. To win you have to keep going.

You have to focus to build a network. Be determined and stay determined.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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Glenn said...

True story--About 30 or so years ago, Coca-Cola, knowing it was the best known trademark in the world, decided to cut back on advertising figuring people knew it so well. Sales fell. Recognizing this they increased advertising. Sales rose.

Never take anything for granted.