Thursday, April 06, 2006

The ABC's of Networking: A is for Attitude

Attitude. There is no replacement for having a positive attitude.

This post will be short, because it goes without saying that those who find the glass half full will always be better off than those who whine and complain. People like to be around others who have a positive attitude and can discover solutions to problems.

Those who just complain and point fingers at what they don't like are just annoying.

An example is comedian Bill Maher. Back when he hosted the Comedy Central show, "Politically Incorrect" I thought he was the funniest guy on television. He had a great knack of lampooning everyone in Washington, and his own opinions were secondary. These days all his humor is based around how much he hates the President (not that there is anything wrong with that!). He is not nearly as funny as he used to be. His jokes are cynical, mean-spirited and filled with negativity. My guess is that his audience is smaller than it was five or six years ago.

In your company you know who are the negative souls. If you discovered the cure for cancer they would walk around saying, "But what about diabetes?, You didn't cure that, did you???". These folks rarely have solutions, and often miss new career opportunities because nobody wants to be around them (then they blame everyone else for their lack of advancement).

Better off are the people who display a positive attitude and look for ways to make things better for those around them. Looking for the bright side and providing solutions will always serve you better. Opportunities seem to follow these people around!

In this crazy world there are many things that you cannot control...but you can control your attitude, so have a positive one!!!

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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