Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The ABC's of Networking: E is for Evangelist

In his wonderful book, The Human Fabric, author Bijoy Goswami tells us that there are three personalities in the world: "Mavens", "Relaters" and "Evangelists". Then he cuts to the chase and tells us the "evangelists make things happen"!!! He is right.

When we talk about networking, we usually think about relaters (those who are experts in relationships), but relationships alone will not produce results. Successful networking requires people to take action. You have to know what you want, how to get there, and be able to get others excited about your cause.

Evangelists are not shy, they will tell anyone who will listen (and a few who wont) about what is important to them. They have the ability to persuade those around them to be believers. We want to follow them....we want to help evangelists succeed.

Goswami tells us that evangelists have changed the world by believing deeply in a cause bigger than themselves. His examples include: Saint Paul, Ronald Reagan, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Michael Dell and General George Patton. If you want to make your world a better place, you must never slow down, never accept defeat and never stop believing.

If you are serious about building a network of professional contacts that can and will refer business, you cannot be shy. Carry your banner high, and keep working toward success.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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