Sunday, June 30, 2013

Find The "WE"

"Us vs. Them" - or - "We".

Social media posts show how people push others to opposing sides or if they seek ways to unite.  People are often more alike than different, but many enjoy labels and going to battle.  It is often not even noticed.

A professional friend who I respect was recently described as a "nasty divider".  I was surprised, as the person in question is smart, dedicated and passionate, but others view her as one who has to always be "right", and make others feel "wrong".  

I did not understand, until I looked closely at her Facebook page.  Everything she posts is "Us vs. Them".   While not necessarily "nasty", she makes villains out of people with other points of view.  

This is not only about politics (but if you look at most political posts, this is extra evident).  The division occurs in connection with all types of topics...some of which do not even need to have opposing sides.   I am guilty of this (we all are to some extent), and am working to lead with "we" much more often in all I do.

How about your social media stream?  What do your posts say about you?  Uniter or Divider?

Have A Great Day

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