Monday, October 31, 2011

Why The CEO Cares If You Network

Who cares if you network?  

Every now and then I run into a manager who discourages his or her employees from getting involved in their business community.  I have been told by some that if their people network, the best ones get picked off for better jobs, so they prefer leave the visible activities to the senior executives.  

While it is true that people with large networks do have more opportunities, that is true of all who excel.  Hiding people at the office will not keep them from being discovered by head-hunters and  the competition. Keeping employees is about more than putting up an iron curtain.  

Keep Your People Happy

I believe that creating an atmosphere for employees to grow as leaders inside and outside the company and making your company a destination for those seeking the best place to work is much better than trying to hide mediocre people.  When people feel rewarded, challenged, and happy.... it does not matter if they get calls to move to a new job.

Why The CEO Cares

How does the CEO feel about people networking?  I have talked to entrepreneurial leaders of companies of all sizes and most are excited when everyone in their company behaves like they are part of the Business Development team.  In fact, they are discouraged that so few people take the initiative to raise the profile of the business.  When an employee is recognized as an industry or civic leader it brings positive attention to the whole company.  

When other leaders tell a CEO they are impressed with one of their employees, it brings pride to the CEO.  If the boss notices other company's people involved, when his or her are not, it brings frustration.  CEO's have to be the "face-of-the-firm", but it can be hard work and lonely.  They want their people to care about promoting the company, as that can help drive sales and attract the best employees.

For the employee, being active in your business community will bring you both more opportunities and the recognition of the CEO.  Having both gives you job security.

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