Friday, October 07, 2011

Friday Praise Project - Allstate: The CapCity Agency - James Fitzgerald

If you read my post yesterday you know that I am sadly noticing how easy it is for people to quickly become upset with their vendors.  In our society we expect perfection from everyone, and too many people are fast to criticize and slow to praise.  I am guilty of this.. and so are so many others.

Yesterday my sister-in-law was pleasantly surprised when a customer service department from a large company called her on the phone instead of sending a cold email in response to an inquiry.  She was shocked (in a good way).  And yet good service happens every day... and I think it is time we all stand up and praise.

I want to start a movement to praise those who do good work.  I'll start.

I met my insurance broker this week.  He inherited me several years ago when he purchased another agency, but we have never met in person.  He called to set up a "Policy Review" and spent time with me explaining all aspects of my home and auto policies.  At the end of our conversation I knew I was in good hands :-).

My agent?  James Fitzgerald from The CapCity Agency (Allstate in Austin, Texas).

****I will begin praising people and companies each Friday on the Some Assembly Required Blog.

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