Saturday, October 08, 2011

Seeking Innovative Brainstorming Partners

In December of last year I reached out to people via social media in search of a few "Brainstorming Partners" to assist me in my goal setting and action plan for 2011.  I know that as I grow my business I need innovative people around me.  The idea, which I blogged about, was to have lunch with some folks who were not those closest to me, and then help each other see the blind spots and spur fresh ideas.

I ended up meeting with four people.  In all cases they helped me -- A LOT.  I hope I also had a positive impact on their year.  One of the people has become a friend who I talk with regularly, and all are business professionals for whom I have great respect.  The meetings lead to direct and indirect business.  2011 has been the best year of my career, and I can target my innovate brainstorming partners as a partial catalyst for the boost.

Come December I will do these types of meetings all over again as I set my 2012 plans. The only difference is I will do more of them (if four was good, ten might be better). But why wait?

As we go into fourth quarter I am heavily focused on innovation.  The media attention on what made Steve Jobs great, coupled with having just read the book "Innovate You" (by Jeff DeGraff) and my own hunger to find to succeed, are inspiring me to instigate new ideas.

I am looking to chat with others who have this same desire.  We can meet for lunch or coffee if they live locally, or via Skype if they are remote.  And this is not just about my business, as I love to brainstorm about how others can succeed (and I do come up with some good ideas from time to time!).  I find we can all see the opening for others, while we miss the simple ideas for ourselves.

Are you whom I seek?  Let me know - thom (at)

Have A Great Day.

thom singer


Misty Williams said...

I love this, Thom. Would love for it to be reciprocal as well ... sounds like a FAB idea! Count me in. :)

Thom Singer said...

Misty...... When do you have time for a skype call? And yes, it is brainstorming for me and for you! (we split the hour in half, 30 minutes focused on each)