Monday, August 22, 2011

Embrace Change and Start Fresh

As my kids return to school today I am reminded of the power of fresh starts. Having a child entering high school, a meaningful milestone, is a strong example of how life is meant to include change.  My wife and I seem overwhelmed by this big step, but our daughter is taking it in stride.  She is ready to embrace change and start fresh.

Thinking back on my own education, each year came new teachers, friends and experiences.  It also brought new freedoms and responsibilities.  I spent kindergarten through high school within the same school district, and advanced with many of the same kids all along the way.  While our lives remained the same, they also changed constantly. We did not know it at the time, but it was the new experiences that forged our futures.  The changes did us good.

Grown-ups embrace fewer fresh starts.  We often have a harder time making new friends, and while there are always opportunities for change (career changes, new cities, participation in new groups, etc....), we either avoid it altogether or try to lesson the impact of the newness on our lives.

But life is change.  Seeking out ways to reinvent ourselves and encounter the unknown expands opportunities.  Our attitude is the key to how we find power in what comes our way.  With new experiences can come new people and I believe that adding interesting friends is paramount to a fulfilling life.

I am always seeking to meet new people and try new things.  I might even try something other than a Vanilla Latte next time I go into Starbucks (yeah, maybe not).

How has your life changed this year?

Have A Great Day   

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