Sunday, August 28, 2011

Here Is A Way That Has Never Failed To Bring Opportunities

If you want to find more opportunities in your career or personal life, be a one who gives.  Go out of your way to help others achieve their goals, connect them with clients, call them when they need a shoulder to cry on, and encouraging them in finding their dreams.  Never undermine the people around you or play devil's advocate.  Lift others up at every turn.

The economic situations of the last several years have put additional pressures on everyone, and it seems there is never enough hours in the day to get our own things done.  When things are rough many people up walls and go into high-gear self-focus.  We hope that other people will refer us to new clients, but sometimes we forget to think of what we can do to impact the ones around us.

People often want to give opportunities to others, but they never seem to make it happen (for a variety of reasons, not all bad ones).  Intention does not equal action.  I know, I am guilty of this, too.

When I see people who naturally help others, they are the same ones who have huge opportunities appear in their lives.  The three biggest givers I know are also among my most successful friends.  There is an honest connection here.

I have found when I refer business to others, they often connect me with meeting planners, company training managers, and other potential clients.  When you help others achieve their goals, you at top of mind.  There is so much noise in our world, that finding a way to be remembered make a difference (giving to others is a great way to be remembered).

Many argue that when they do help others, those people never return the favor.  This is true... not everyone will reciprocate.  Sometimes they do not have the right connections (not everyone can help you).  Others want to help, but do not have "Follow Through DNA" (they are good people who have good intentions, but never get around to following up).  Some are just selfish (yep, that is just life).  AND,,,,, too often we expect instant quid pro quo (be patient - it may take a long time until they have the right opportunity for you).  However, you should still find ways to serve others.  You cannot predict who will bring you amazing opportunities, so hording your good deeds will keep both you and others from discovering more success.

Remember this little tid-bit:  it is not always the people who you help who will reciprocate on your actions.  Experienced givers are always watching.  They know the difference between "givers" and "takers" and they will see your efforts.  Givers prefer to serve other givers.  Life if too short to shower opportunities on takers, so when you serve the greater good for the right reasons.... you will be known to those who matter.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer


Neen said...

You are truly such a giver. Last week I read '29 Gifts in 29 Days' written by Cami Walker and she has created a movement around mindful giving. Check out I think you would really enjoy it! I am signed up for the challenge and am loving it!

Dave Lutz said...

Thom, love this post! In my experience, I'm totally convinced that if you give to others without expectation, you will be rewarded in the long haul. Also, referral business pays the best, closes faster and usually leads to more. If you want more referrals, you need to give more of them.

Harwick Family said...

The Go Giver is a quick read and expounds on this concept in a parable.

Crystal Clear said...

A great reminder. We all get caught up in our own world. A forget what is important