Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tennis Anyone?

My teenager took an interest in tennis this summer.  She took lessons and did a week-long camp to learn the basics and was excited to go play, even in the Texas summer heat.

Unlike her four years of Karate (she is a Black Belt), this is an activity that requires a partner to play.  I have never played the sport, and am overall not a natural athlete, thus I was not sure I was suited to go knock the ball around.  Plus, I did not want to play tennis.

I promised her in June that if she still had an interest in tennis in September that I would take lessons.  Last week she joined the Tennis Club at her high school, and is practicing three days a week.  I see what comes next.... I am about to become a tennis player

I will start my beginner lessons in either September or October (I need to schedule the classes around my travel schedule, and thus I must choose a month when I am around on the same day each week).  There are a couple of local places I can take adult lesson, and then there are leagues and clinics that will follow.  I am not sure I am thrilled about this, but I always try to keep my promises.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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Nanette said...

I'm actually going to take a beginner class this fall too!