Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Steps To Getting Free Guru Motivation

*** Disclaimer on the below post.  I have no beef with any expert who sells their expertise (heck, I do this).  I do not have a problem with the coaching industry (I work with individual clients).  I do not discredit the power of internet marketing tools (I use them).  There is a difference between shared information and solicitations, and not all inbound emails from "gurus" are trying to separate you from your money, know the difference.  Selling is not a sin.  Any resemblance to any guru described is purely coincidental.

Free Guru Coaching Starting Today

Do you want to move your career to the next level?  Are you looking for someone to take you under their wing and lead you to more success?  Are there people in your industry you admire who offer expensive coaching programs you believe would help you -- but you cannot justify the expensive investment in their giant menu of programs, services, bootcamps, etc....

Wish you could get the benefits of their motivation without having to take out a second mortgage?

Well you can have any one of the most famous internet motivational experts actively working to motivate you around the clock without investing any money.

Follow these three steps and you can get the best results from (pick your favorite guru):

1.  Write down twenty-five things that you know you need to do to expand your career and create a "to do list".  

Most of us are aware of what we need to do to achieve our desired success.  We just get busy with the nuances of life and fail to follow through.  This is normal, do not beat yourself up over your lack of motivation.  Identify the actions that you are confident will allow you to grow your business, get promoted, find a new job, etc....

2.  Get on the mailing list of the top internet guru who you think holds the magic seeds to personal improvement.  There are many to choose from, they have infomercials, giant email databases, highly seductive webinars and bootcamps, etc...  Any one of them will do, or better yet, get on multiple mailing lists of these mavens of motivation. 

It is not SPAM if you opt-in!

3.  Every time you get an email from your guru(s) trying to sell you their latest program, product, coaching service, etc....  select one item on your "to do list" and immediately go do it.  You need not even open their emails, just see their name in your inbox and take action (while their email looks personalized, the salutation is computer generated...they were not really thinking of you when the email blast was sent!).  

This really works.  I have been doing this since January and I have grown my business year over year.  My chosen guru sends me emails more than once a week promoting something that his company or one of his affiliate partners is selling.  I enjoy his enthusiasm, but if I bought all he offered it would have added up to more than my annual income.

Do not unsubscribe from the guru lists.  They are your ticket to getting more done without ever having act on any of their offers.  I heard one such guru say once that the only way to get off their mailing list was to die and leave no heirs.  Cool.  Keep those emails coming.... it gets me moving toward attaining all my goals!

At the same time, if they have an offer that is appealing to you, by all means, sign up.  These are not bad folks (well, most of them) and often have great materials.  But if you are not in a place to invest, do not waste the opportunity to utilize their coordinated, dedicated, and frequent email campaigns as a tool to kick you into taking action.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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Mary Pat said...

Interesting. If I acted on my to-do list every time I got spam from someone trying to sell me something I would be the most productive person on the planet.