Thursday, November 04, 2010

Seeking A Way Out Of Frustration

There is a disconnect between what people want and what they have. Human beings are seekers. We seek more money, love, spirituality, adventure, sex, knowledge, experiences, etc...

In discussions with clients I am discovering that many people are frustrated. The economy seems to be in a holding pattern of uncertainty, and the lack of options have many people feeling stuck. It has been over two years of economic uncertainty, and for most of us that is the first time we have lived through this type of financial downturn.

We have become conditioned to fast results. The recent political election goes beyond the politics of left vs. right. People do not change ideology in an instant, but instead they are looking for the quick fix and assume new leadership in Congress will bring new results.

Employees are frustrated with their companies. If they have survived this long through the rough times, they are more than ready to see some of the good times return. They want to go seek something new, but the reality of their obligations and the lack of job options mean they cannot make a change. Too many are just going through the motions.

Employers see the situation differently, but they too are frustrated. Business owners and managers want to grow their companies, and most have already made deep cuts in spending to keep afloat. They are left with options. They have tried to save their way to prosperity by not investing in advertising, sales incentives, marketing, client development, etc.... In the end, you cannot save your way to growth. Plus, employees miss the good times when every penny was not being pinched. The owners and managers miss those times too!

Focus on a task or hiding in a cubicle is not the path to seek a route out of frustration. Those who want to make a real change must get off their butt and engage in their community. All opportunities come from people, and directly or indirectly, if you want to find "more" you must come out into the light.

I suggest people take advantage of the end of the year to network and volunteer like their life depend on it (because it does). The holiday season brings with it many opportunities to engage with other people at parties and other events. It also presents the chance to serve others in your community who are in need.

If you want to start your 2011 with a new sense of empowerment, make two new friends and help two people (or organizations) who are in need. When you take the attention off your own situation and begin interacting with others (and listening and learning), it can take you away from the frustrations that seem so overwhelming.

Give it a try and let me know how it works.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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