Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fish Tacos As Comfort Food

When I arrived at college in San Diego in 1984 there was a little local taco shop that had one location near the beach. They served "Fish Tacos". While these tasty tacos are now a common menu item around the United States, at the time they were an un-heard-of novelty item that had been discovered in Baja California by adventurous surfers who routinely went to San Felipe, Mexico to ride the good waves.

One such surfer, Ralph Rubio, enjoyed these so much he opened his own taco shop near Pacific Beach in San Diego. The trend took off and Rubio's is has over 180 locations.

It is my favorite fast food. They do not have locations in Texas, but every time I am in San Diego (or most other parts of California, Arizona, Colorado or Nevada) I have to hit them up for a couple of "Fish Taco's Especial"). The menu has grown over the years from just "fish tacos", but I have never even tried the other food they serve.

This week I was one of the speakers at a convention of CIO's and other technology executives in Palm Springs. My role as "The Conference Networking Catalyst" means that I am engaged with the audience throughout the event, not leaving me much time to leave the hotel. But I had spotted a Rubio's near the airport, and scheduled just enough time to eat my lunch there before departing for home.

I ordered the "Pesky's Combo", which did not even appear to be listed on the menu anymore, but they still knew what I was talking about. Two fish tacos "especial", beans and chips. They were amazing. Delicious. Heaven. Yum. (You get the idea). So good I ordered one more taco just because I knew it would be a while before I could get back to a Rubio's.

I also purchased three churro's to bring home for Sara and the kids. I have gotten them hooked on Rubio's too, and we eat every lunch possible at this chain on our annual trips to California. I figured a fish taco would not travel well on a plane flight, but a churro might make it home as an edible treat.

Dan, working behind the counter, had spotted me taking a photo on my iPhone before walking into the store. He had laughed with me about it, but once he heard my story and my love of his restaurant, he took a special interest in my enjoyment of this meal. As I left he gave me some Rubio's "stuff", including a beach bag with the logo on the side!

Not only do they have great food, but amazing customer service. Oh yeah!

Who would think that a fish taco would be "comfort food"..... but my memories of my five years in San Diego (plus all the great vacations back to "America's Finest City") are all wonderful.... and filled with meals of Rubio's Fish Tacos!

Have A Great Day.


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Stephanie Hester said...

Woohoo for Rubios! I too count Rubios fish tacos among my favorite comfort foods. We now live in NC, but moved here from Orange County, CA where we used to walk to Rubios. Now, like you, every time I am in CA one of my first stops is Rubios. In fact, when I was there a few months ago Rubios was the first stop on the way out of the airport. It's good to know that someone else loves Rubios as much as I do!