Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Post "Me Generation" Economy

Get ready for a big gulp of gratitude!

The hot topic for 2011 is "Gratitude" (AKA: Showing Appreciation, Saying Thank You, etc...).

Two best selling authors are releasing new books on this topic early next year (Tim Sander's "Today We Are Rich", and Gary Vaynerchuk's "The Thank You Economy"), and countless articles on the subject are already appearing in magazines, newspapers and across the Blogosphere. Keynote speakers at conventions and company meetings across industry lines are delivering the message - "Say Thank You!"

Look around, you will see this too. It is the new "Buzz Word".

And this is a good thing!!!!

The concept of expressing appreciation is hardly new. Most people had a parent or grandparent who tried to instill the importance of sending that handwritten thank you note following receipt of a gift. One person recently told me of his aunt who would not send birthday presents the following year unless a thank you note had been received from the previous birthday (and she gave cash as gifts!). It is standard etiquette. Emily Post style.

But we lost our way from doing the simple things that really do matter. The "Me Generation" ran rough-shot over those things that took effort and produced no instant gratification. (Why send a note? You already got the gift!).

For all the boom-boom times and fun, the "Me Generation" (and all that went with those heady times) had some flaws. Today there is clearly a shift in our society to move "Back to Basics", and one of those basics is gratitude.

I have been writing and speaking about this topic for over five years. My first book (and all my books since) and early speeches included lessons of the power of sending hand written notes, and finding amazing and memorable ways to say "Thank You" to those who helped you succeed (beyond a text that reads "thx dude" as one person sent me recently!).

If you want people to send you opportunities then you must let them know you appreciate their efforts. Too many people get busy and forget this step. Those who send referrals are quick to send the next one to someone else if you fail acknowledge them. The well goes dry if you do not show gratitude.

As we move into this "Post Me Generation Economy" there will be many things that will surprise us as revolutionary ideas (that are really old-time common sense). The focus on gratitude is just one topic. We already see the younger generations looking for ways to simplify their lives and placing priorities on community, charity, environment and other non-self-centered causes.

What else is key to "Getting Back To Basics"????

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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swizzle said...

Great reminder. Another rule of etiquette that has been lost on modern! Why can't people do this simple thing anymore? It makes me crazy!