Friday, June 13, 2008

You Know You Work For A Great Company When They Serve Spice Cake!

Last week I missed the birthday celebration at work for three of us who were celebrating early June birthdays. There had been a lot of joking leading up to the big day as to what would be served for dessert at the lunch, as each of us had a different idea of the ideal cake flavor.

Gwen wanted apple pie (really, for you birthday?), Kathleen wanted a whale shaped ice cream cake (Fudgie the Whale??) and I wanted spice cake.

Alas, at the last minute I had to fly to California for my aunt's funeral and to help my father out with some other issues.... and the birthday fun at work went on without me. Yep, they had both pie and an ice cream whale!

Today my co-workers surprised me with belated birthday fun, complete with HOMEMADE spice cake cup-cakes. As it turns out, no bakery in Northwest Austin makes cakes in the worlds best flavor: spice cake! They had called around to a variety of sources only to be treated like some sort of cake hunting lepers.

The HEB Bakery actually responded to the question of "do you make spice cake cakes?" with the interesting answer of "No, but we do make lemon cream cakes". Huh? Ummmm RANDOM.

My very cool co-worker Kathleen (who is also a June 8th birthday, but is younger than she will point out) whipped up homemade cupcakes for the occasion.

Now that is a sign that you work in a great place. I always have known that vcfo was a great place to work, but the spice cake incident has taken it to a new level of good vibes. Not only did they not let my birthday pass unnoticed due to a family emergency taking me out of town, but someone went to the trouble to make my favorite flavor of cake by hand since it was not easily purchased.

Oh, and they were delicious!

Have A Great Day.



Jon Ray said...

yummmm...I love spice cake! ;)

Andrew Weaver said...

Well - Happy (late) Birthday! It is always nice to learn (from their actions) that you are working for a great company, or even a great group of people. I've had both ends of the spectrum, so you should certainly feel grateful.