Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Thoughts On Being Present, Having an Impact, and Gratitude

This morning I had breakfast with a good friend who always inspires me about career, community service, friendships, priorities and passion for life.

Eugene Sepulveda is the Executive Director of the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Central Texas, as well as an active community leader and servant. I have known Eugene for nearly ten years and over that decade I am continuously amazed that he can do so much for his job/foundation, community, friends & family, and still make time to sit down for an hour and be engaged in conversation.

When you talk with him, you instinctively understand that he is present in the conversation, and that he wants to see those around him succeed. His eyes tell the story that his mind is searching for ways to connect the dots and help others. Eugene is always willing to make suggestions and introductions that can bring people along on their personal path to success. He is a perfect example of a "Big Tent Thinker", who knows that there is always room for more good folks under his big top....and he wants those people to know each other.

This is an amazing trait - to be present with those you are talking and be in the moment while simultaneously looking to be of assistance. We all live in a busy world and there are enough responsibilities and pressures swirling around each of us to choke an elephant. Many people hide behind being "busy" and get nothing done.... however those who are the most "busy" never seem to have that excuse. They just do.

If you read Eugene's blog, Community Matters, you wonder when he has time to sleep. He is always somewhere, doing something, with other amazing people who are making Austin and the world a better place.

I had scheduled our breakfast to say "Thank You", as Eugene was very persuasive in convincing me to apply for the 2008 Leadership Austin Class, and he wrote my letter of recommendation for the program. Those who read this blog regularly know that my year-long experience in Leadership Austin was amazing, and I wanted to properly show my gratitude.

I am a big believer that when you express appreciation, the good flows back to you. Today was a great example, as his ideas, suggestions and advice for my career/job, community service and my author / speaking career were priceless. I was inspired because I think he understood my goals to achieve in all three areas, and it is good to feel understood and supported by your friends.

So I hope those who read here gain from this post two insights:

1. Become the type of person who is present in conversations and find ways to be the conduit for other people to clarify their own path toward success. When you do this, you will have influence. My friend has much influence in many arenas, and I know it is, in part, because of this ability he has to relate in such an easy manner.

2. Say "thank you" to those who make an impact in your life, and they will be impactful again. You cannot just receive without letting the giver know their actions mattered, or you run the risk of them never knowing they made a difference. What a loss for someone to not know their actions were a catalyst.

Have A Great Day.


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