Thursday, June 26, 2008

Get ON Your Soapbox

About a month ago I had the chance to meet first-time author Kimberlie Dykeman at the Bootstrap Publishing Sub-Group Lunch. The group brings together small gatherings of authors and would-be authors to discuss a variety of options on how to get a book published, and more importantly, how to promote the finished product (writing a book is hard, promoting a book is 1000 times more difficult!).

Kimberlie is one of those BIG personalities that you come across who lights up the room, and someone you do not forget quickly. Interestingly we have been in the same orbit since we met, as our paths have crossed half a dozen times.

Last night my kids and I attended her book launch party at BookPeople. Her new book, Pure Soapbox, is a series of 65 quotes (one shy of my lucky number/favorite number, 66) that are coupled with her "cleansing jolt of perspective, motivation and humor."

Quotes books are not new, but Kimberlie has taken the genre to a new level by kicking the reader in the pants with her interpretations and fresh insights on how people can tackle life and better strive for grasping their individual brass rings.

My 11-year-old daughter asked why were were going to the book signing, and I told her that when someone you know accomplishes something big, you celebrate their achievement. A packed house of Kimberlie's friends, family, clients and others packed the top floor of the book store and toasted her success of getting her book out into the world.

I read much of the book and find it full of nuggets of encouragement. My favorite quote also appears on the back cover, and is from an anonymous source:

"Having a dream that you don't pursue is like buying an ice cream cone and watching it melt all over your hand". - anonymous

In one of her shortest soapboxes she simply asks the reader "what shall it be? Chocolate or vanilla?...or a stack of napkins?". I know that people want the delicious treats in life, but far too often let their dreams melt away. Kimberlie is showing everyone, by example, how to embrace your life.

This is a good book to put on your nightstand and read one Soapbox each morning to help you seize the day. Carpe diem!

Here is my personal quote, maybe #66 in the next edition of her book. I would welcome her Soapboxian Quip expanding on my favorite line:

"All Opportunities Come From People" - Thom Singer

Have A Great Day.


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Kimberlie Dykeman said...

From the Soapbox Queen herself... jut made my day,mister. Having your support and that of a huge crowd...seeing that your kiddos had a groovy time as well...that means the world to me. And this review...oh my gosh! Thank you for passing it on, as this further insoires me to keep tacking that ole Bucket List! Next up: talk show!