Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey Kids, Camp Counselors Say "Start Your Day With Sugar and Carbs!"

This morning I had a business meeting at a local Starbucks in South Austin, when two buses pulled up out front and dozens of kids ages 7-14 rolled into the coffee house. My friend and I were amazed to see the line of kids roll in on their way to day camp (counselors had tee shirts on that proclaimed the camp's name....but I have decided NOT to post it here).

Fortunately we already had our morning cups of coffee in hand when the tidal wave of kids rolled in, as several morning commuters ran back to their cars: sans coffee! However we were caught off guard that part of the camp's curriculum would include a stop at Starbucks for large Frappaccinos and baked goods.

Very little kids had giant sugar filled drinks (many could barely carry their goodies) with whipped topping and large cookies or doughnuts as they re-boarded their buses.

A glance at the camp's website proclaims: "We realize how important an active summer is to all children and encouraging physical activity is our mission at Camp {name withheld}!" Apparently that activity needs to be fueled by high doses of processed sugar and carbs to get the day rolling.

A visit to the Starbuck's website will show you that a Venti Chocolate Creme Frappaccino and a scone is over 112o calories. I am assuming that these young kids did not order caffeinated drinks, but actually I guess some of those Fappaccinos were probably also full of coffee shots under the mountain of whip cream.

Now don't get me wrong - I am not the nutrition police. Heaven knows I bring my kids to Starbucks or other places to get treats. Although usually not at 8:00 AM. AND when I send them to camp, I do not expect them starting their day with a stop at Starbucks for $7 worth of useless calories.

Anyway, my business friend and I had a good laugh over it, and we both know what local day camp NOT to utilize for our kids "active" summer fun.

Have A Great Day.


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william uranga said...

Thom, I'm sure they'll break out prozac to calm them down as necessary - it's part of a "balanced" diet these days...