Monday, April 21, 2008

Figuring Things Out - Part Two

While always striving to figure things out about life, people discover that some points are clear. Yet, these blinding flashes of the obvious are unique for each one of us. It is what makes us walk together, and yet stroll alone through our lives. One person's "ah ha" is an somebody's mystery.

I have come to know that when I am working in my "zone of strengths" I not only perform better, but I find that it is not work at all. I love to be in that zone but even better to share it with others of like mind.

It is fun to be around motivated and driven people who share a passion for success and understand the power of striving for a goal. Those who are supportive of seeing others succeed
are the spark that makes the world a wonderful place. It is crystal clear to me that associating with those who inspire you will change your future.

I recently had the honor of speaking at a conference for the Entrepreneurs Organization. I spent the weekend with these highly driven individuals and was impacted by their energy level and the vision of each of the members. These folk were not just business owners, but creators of commerce. The future is born from the passion of entrepreneurs.

In talking with many of these barons of business was interesting in that they all had little tolerance for excuses and did not know the "fear of failure". Instead they were focused on investing in their future, and understood that success comes to those who work for it and make sacrifices.

"Tireless" was the common thread and "making things happen" was apparently the mantra. This was coupled with a theme of wanting to help see others succeed.... all while having fun along the way.

Attitude and vision make a difference. What is your attitude? What is your vision? Can you articulate them to anyone who asks?

Have A Great Day.


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