Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Austin Tech Industry Party to Support Randi Shade for Austin City Council, Place 3

If you work in or around the Austin Technology Industry, you need to mark you calendar for THIS Thursday, April 10th.

Don't miss a special “High Technology Industry” gathering to support tech industry veteran Randi Shade in her bid for Austin City Council, Place 3.

I have never gotten involved with a local campaign before… but Randi Shade is an above average candidate and a friend. She has experience in the public sector, non-profits and has run a business. Her unique experiences will make her a fabulous city council person!!!

This will be a fun event for you to come see many old friends (Randi has LOTS of supporters in the Technology World !!!), and unlike many political events, there is NOT a mandatory suggested donation at the door. Just come and have a good time and hear what Randi has to say about the future on Austin (although her campaign will gladly accept donations!!!).

This is a chance for the Austin Tech Community to come together and meet a candidate who will represent everyone!

Feel free to bring your friends and co-workers.

Also, we all know that very few people actually turn out to vote in our City Council elections….so in addition to supporting Randi…I encourage you to plan to show up at the polls on May 10th (or to vote during the Early Voting period) . She can only win if we all vote!!!

Host Committee for this Thursday's event:

Randy Baker

Bill Bock

Jeff Browning

Cybele Diamondopoplous

Aruni Gunasegaram

Kim Paschall Hughes

Heidi Johnson

Jack McDonald

Eugene Sepulveda

Thom Singer

Lynne Skinner

John Thornton

Steve Vandegrift

Don't miss this event!

Have A Great Day.


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