Sunday, April 27, 2008

Questions About Your Success

Ten Questions To Consider If You Want To Out-Think The Competition

1. What are your organizations short term and long term goals? (do all your employees know these?)

2. What do you think are the top three things keeping you from achieving your desired success?

3. What makes your company unique? What do you do that your competition cannot copy?

4. How do you communicate your place in the market?

5. How do you communicate with existing customers to let them know about your other products or services?

6. How do your competitors market differently than you do? Are they successful?

7. What are the top three things your customers want from your company?

8. How do most of your customers find you?

9. Do your customers tell others about how great you are on a regular basis?

10. Who is your primary competition and how do you differentiate your customer service, experience and product offerings?

11. What do you do that goes the extra mile to serve your customers?

Have A Great Day.


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Steve Harper said...

Excellent questions Thom. A great reminder for us all!

Ripple On!!!