Friday, January 04, 2008

Five Ways To Cultivate Your Optimism

On January 2nd many people returned to work full of enthusiasm for the New Year. 2008 had arrived and the optimist inside was refreshed. I saw it in everyone I encountered: people in line at Starbucks were all ready to take on the world.

Fast forward from Wednesday to Friday. A short week and people already seemed burned out. The joy of the new year appears to have been replaced by a big slab of "back to normal". Funny, that didn't take long.

I loved all the upbeat vibes that were flying around only a few short days ago. Joy and optimism were on people's faces and all over the internet. Party goers and football fans were awash in splendor. On January 1st those on Twitter were tweeting with links to the best goal setting/resolution/predicting posts. Everyone was happy to have a fresh slate. It seems that our culture thrives on the idea of the new start that comes along with the changing on the calendar.

But alas, why can't people hug tight to that optimistic burst of energy and exist this way all the time? I know that they want to.

So here are my Top Five Ways To Cultivate Your Optimism:

1. Set goals. Do not just day-dream. Instead look for what you can and will accomplish in the next few months and then write those down on paper. Put copies of your goal(s) in front of you so you are reminded of why you get out of bed each day.

2. Have a "wake up thought". Yes, this sounds hokey...but so what. As soon as you wake in the morning think of why it is going to be a great day. Too many people wake up in a bad mood and that sets the tone for the whole day. Focus on the positive in your life and concentrate on what will make your day phenomenal.

3. Tell others about your goals. It is easy to let a goal die if it is a secret. However, once all your friends and family know about your hearts desire, they will help you soar. If they are not the type of people who will support you in your quest through life, then GET NEW FRIENDS!

4. Network. All opportunities come from people. You never know whom might come into your life and give you the chance to realize your dreams. For this reason you owe it to yourself to expand your circle of influence. However, you must remember that building real relationships takes both time and effort on your part. Opportunities will not just fall out of the sky because you passed out business cards or created a digital link to others.

5. Be realistic and not jealous. So many people live in a fantasy land about their future. They hope and pray that they will get a windfall, without really looking at the work that needs to be put into becoming a success. The spy others with success and secretly covet. These people are quickly disappointed with the lot they are handed in life. Don't wish for more, create more.

You can be excited about your future for more than just a few days. Your state of mind will make all the difference in the world. The choice is yours.

Have A Great Day.



BizDev Blogger said...

Excellent article - and well timed to kick-start the new Year - great blog Thom!

jen_chan, writer said...

I love your suggestion of a wake up thought. Of course, it needs to be positive. And you’re right about your observation, I myself feel that the excitement of the new year has ended. But I’m trying to change that now by setting goals. That way, I have more to look forward to this year.