Friday, January 25, 2008

"The Breakthrough Company" - A MUST READ BOOK

Two weeks ago I wrote about the book "The Breakthrough Company" by new author Keith McFarland. I had not yet finished reading the book when I blogged, but I could tell after just a few pages that this guy is the "REAL DEAL" and that his book is destined for big things.

Today the book hit number one on the Wall Street Journal Book Index....and the rest of those lists that authors and publishers dream about cannot be far behind (You heard it on my blog first, the New York Times Best-Seller List will be dominated by Keith McFarland and The Breakthrough Company very soon. My guess is it will rule over all business books published in 2008).

Anyway, the company I work for will be co-hosting a VIP luncheon featuring Keith McFarland, who is an accomplished professional speaker, in the spring. I had the honor of talking with him by phone today to discuss the details of his presentation. It was great chatting with him and hearing about the early success of his book, and am now even more impressed. What a nice guy!

I am going to mail him a copy of both my books, which I hope he will read on one of his many flights across the country (and beyond) for his active book tour.

Some of the most stellar advice he spells out in his book is in chapter seven, Erecting Scaffolding. This chapter focuses on why executives need to make, grow and keep their business relationships. Nobody succeeds in a vacuum, and McFarland's extensive study of exceptional companies uncovered the commonality of enlisting the support, advice and experience of others. Having a network does matter. This chapter was music to my ears!!!

If you were to visit to purchase his book, you will see that I wrote the first reader review. Keith had already seen my remarks and knew who I was from my review and my blog comments about his writing. I wont share with you the details of what he said, but it made my day, and I look forward to getting to know him when he visits Austin in April.

If you are a reader of business books, do not wait to go get "The Breakthrough Company". Take my advice and read it now (come on, you know you want to read a good book, and you know that when a friend refers a book it is always better than some random thing you pick up). You will thank me for the recommendation, and be inspired by the examples he has of nine amazing companies who went from good to great! If you own a company or work for a company, you owe it to your future to read this one.

Oh, you can read my books too...they are also available on! :)

Have A Great Day.



Daz Cox said...

I think it would be better to say why this book is so great in the first paragraph. As a random surfer I had no idea what you were gushing about even after the second paragraph and lost interest in what you were communicating. As a fellow blogger I thought I'd give you a heads up!

Thom Singer said...

Thanks Daz, for you comment.

I will tell you why I gushed about the book right here.

1. The author does an amazing job of showing the reader useable ways to make a company better.

2. It was well done the way the author portrays nine "Breakthrough Companies" that grew to over $250 million in annual sales, while a competitor of the same size did not.

3. When I spoke to the author on the phone, he was "The Real Deal"...which was the reason for the post. I have the honor of talking with many authors and professional speakers. Few are interested in others, but only in themselves. Keith McFarland is a genuine nice guy who was as interested in me and my projects as I was about his Number One Best Seller. Too many authors who reach the highest levels forget everyone else. I was so moved by his attitude that I wrote this blog post. Thus I was not thinking in how to engage the reader....but rather to praise a cool guy.

Have a great day