Thursday, January 03, 2008

Live By Metrics, Die By Metrics

In December Hugh McLeod had a post on the GapingVoid Blog about the world of new marketing in our uber-social-media world. His whole post was great, but he had one comment that is still ringing loudly in my ears:

"Why is it so hard to explain The New Marketing to large companies? Because the people who work there are simply not prepared to relinquish the idea of control. Live by metrics, die by metrics etc."

The more time I spend exploring and absorbing the online and offline worlds of "new" marketing I discover that it is about taking chances. Being safe will not get you attention. Some who embrace risky new marketing tools will knock the ball out of the park and dominate their industry. However, taking these chances means some of the efforts will not have any ROI.

The key word in "new marketing" is NEW. That inherently means that there is still much to be learned and that nobody has yet decoded all the nuances. Thus, there is no quick and easy way to know what will work every time. You must constantly be experimenting with different ways to reach your clients and prospects. This must work toward building community. To just say "look at me" is old marketing. Today the customer wants to be engaged in a mutually beneficial relationships with your company.

If you want to have big changes in 2008 you need to be willing to jump into the marketing pool with both feet. Sticking a toe in will get you blah results. Results take the risk of time, money and effort. Nobody has ever saved their way to marketing success. But come December your results will match the commitment you make throughout the year.

Once the year is over there is no time machine to take you back to January to try a different path.

There comes a time for the best in every industry to shine. Fear of the unknown will hold you back. Do not over-think every situation and never create unnecessary roadblocks to your success. Let yourself win.

Come on, jump in....the water feels great!

Have A Great Day.


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Pete Monfre said...

Holy crap! I wish I said that! I've been trying to tell clients this for years. You can't swim if you don't get in the pool!