Monday, July 30, 2007

Celebrate Your Passion

The July/August edition of SPEAKER Magazine (the publication of The National Speakers Association) had an intriguing profile of Patricia Russell-McCloud, written by Kate Grip Denon. Previously unfamiliar with Ms. Russell-McCloud, an accomplished and successful professional orator and author, I was moved by the way that she views the world and her dedication to following her passion.

After law school, Patricia had a decade long career with the Federal Communications Commission. While her success was evident, her passion was speaking. It was her belief in this passion that allowed her to sparkle when she was in front of an audience. While she enjoyed her job, it was not her calling. In 1983 she made the leap to being a full-time professional speaker.

Her pointers for others sings; "Life is too short to pursue anything without passion. You need to align yourself with passion so you can measure what you are doing versus what you are doing with passion. Be honest, prepare yourself, be dedicated, broaden you horizons and be yourself"

She has a manner about her dedication to speaking that hit home in my soul. She believes that you should celebrate your audience and connect head and heart every time you are at the podium. This is great advice for professionals in any profession.

Do you "celebrate" your clients? Do you implement the effort to "connect your head and heart" with each interaction you have with prospects, customers and members of your professional network? You should. We all should.

Have A Great Day.


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