Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chef Ronald

I am always thrilled when I see entrepreneurs who have found a niche in which they prosper. Chef Ronald of Marseilles is such a man. He lives and works in the Provence region of France, where people come from around the world to rent large houses and chateaus to experience living in the French countryside, even for just a week.

Ronald has created a business serving those on holiday, literally!

It was recommended by the landlord that we hire this professionally trained authentic French chef to create a masterpiece of a meal for our large band of vacationing families. The eleven adults and three older kids would be treated to a culinary delight that none will soon forget. (The older kids would eat first, and then take the nine younger children upstairs for the evening....and were able to keep them occupied for hours while the parents delighted in the evening on the patio. Yes, we paid the older kids for their services....and worth every Euro!)

It is not everyday that one gets to see a professional chef in action, and then sample the fruits of his labor on the edge of a vineyard seated at a beautifully set table while sipping amazing French wine.

The mussels, cheeses, duck, potatoes, vegetables and dessert were all works of art for the eyes and the taste buds. We laughed, talked, ate, drank and delighted in the evening (and the kids never needed help, fought, screamed or cried!!!). It was one of those rare perfect moments in life.

Chef Ronald has created a business of "wow". His expertise in the kitchen translates to enjoyment for his hungry customers. Each day he cooks in a different kitchen (although many are familiar to him, since these houses get new crops of guests each week) for gatherings of people from a variety of countries. His skills bring not only a warm and satisfying meal, but memories that can never be repeated.

It got me wondering why we do not find other simple ways in our daily lives to create these types of amazing moments. Granted, we do not always have fancy locations and expert chefs at our disposal, but we do have access to the people in our lives who really are the core of such an evening.

I hope to go forth and bring more spectacular into my life and those around me.

Have A Great Day.


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