Monday, July 23, 2007

Caught In The Rain

My daughters were playing at the park in the Luxembourg Gardens in the heart of Paris when the rains came.

With all the museums, monuments, shopping and culinary delights, Jackie and Kate prefer this playground to any other activity in the lovely French capital city. Granted, there is a classic merry-go-round, a zip-line, and more kids than one can count all running, jumping, sliding and playing. Additionally one can get a yummy strawberry crepe right there in the park.

The rain was just a drizzle at the start as we began to make out way out of the large garden, but then it really began to pour. We had umbrellas, but they were little help. We made a run for it. We ducked under trees, and looked for the fastest way out...running and laughing all the way.

The rain stopped as fast as it arrived. Our soaking wet crew found our way into a welcoming sidewalk cafe where some hot chocolate warmed the body and soul.

We were drenched, but if one has to be caught in the rain, how wonderful to be caught in the rain in Paris.

I learned from the kids not to worry about the discomfort of being wet, but instead to find the joy and laughter in the experience. They loved it. And you know what? We dried out and were back on track in no time.

How many times in life do we let the dark clouds ruin our day? Why do we do that? Why not just make a run for it and keep smiling? This is a lesson I hope to retain. No rain (actual or metaphorically) can spoil my day!

Have A Great Day.


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