Thursday, September 21, 2006


Find some time to get away and quite down your thoughts.

I find that I am trying to do so many things everyday: Be a good husband and father, do my job, promote my book, write this blog, expand my industry knowledge at work, keep my car running well, be a good friend, grow my network, cultivate my network, read books, read magazines, write business articles, edit my second book, watch the news, learn something new, do my laundry, read to my kids, stay current on email, etc... that I never take any time just to sit quietly.

I never thought I needed "down time". I have kept up my wildly fast pace for over a two decades. I never desired time to just sit and be. Not be anything specific (like a salesman, author, husband, father, friend, employess, co-worker, neighbor, speaker, etc...)...but just be.

I had some time to do this the other day. I just sat and tried not to think about my goals, hopes and responsibilities. Instead I tried to just clear my mind and appreciate the silence. It was hard to do. Very hard to do. But I kept at it. I just sat. When my thoughts started to run wild on millions of issues...I would push those thoughts away. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just be quiet.

The amazing part of doing this for a whole hour was that it got easier as time passed. I felt so relaxed afterwards. I had more energy. My focus was better. I think that I discovered something in the quiet. Now the trick will be to find time to do this regularly.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer


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Jeremy Postal said...

Imagine life is like a piano played by a great piano player:
it becomes a beautiful piece of music because they know when to play and when not to play; what keys to press and what keys not to press and to do it in the order that counts. Perhaps the most important thing that he knows are the notes not to play.

It is about rhythm and resting.

Work hard, Love your family, Celebrate accomplishments, and Ruthlessly Rest to hit some rhythm in life. It may just turn into a beuatiful masterpiece.